Pay my care credit

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Pay my care credit

MySynchrony is in Norwalk, Connecticut. The GE capital retail bank is dedicated to offering a huge range of credit and lending options to individual consumers as well as commercial clients. This is a guide for all GoGECapital customers unable to complete the pay bill process. Care Credit Payment

The care credit payment number is 1 (866) 396 8254. You may also call this number to request a change in your statement due dates.

Pay my care credit

In order to make a one-time online payment for your GoGECapital bill, you can register an account with MySynchrony through their online portals. Once you click on the ‘Register’ button, you will be redirected to an online registration form, where you have to submit your CA number, the last four digits of your SSN, your date of birth and other details. After registration, follow these steps:

  • Visit the main website
  • Follow through with your login and password by providing your details
  • Select ‘Payments’ under ‘Quick Links’
  • Enter your payment amount, source of payment and date of payment
  • Click ‘Submit Payment for Review’
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button
  • Complete the payment process
  • Once you provide your payment details, you will get a confirmation ID which you can use for reference

GoGECapital Multiple Payments Online

After completing your MySynchrony register process, you can also schedule your bill payments online for as long as 12 months. If you wish to do so, follow these steps

  • Provide your username and password for GoGeCapital login
  • Browse through the ‘Payments’ section
  • Select ‘Multiple’ option and schedule payments
  • Click ‘Submit Payment for Review’
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button
  • Provide your payment details to let them withdraw the bill amount from your bank.

Any scheduled payments can be modified or canceled as per your plan and convenience. However, any processed or pending payments cannot be modified or canceled. Scheduling payments is an effective way to manage your finances, as forgotten bills can pile up and add significantly to your due payments

Pay my care credit

You can set up their Auto Pay option to let your bills paid off automatically from your bank account on the due date every month. Unlike the ‘Schedule payments’ option, there are no restrictions as for how long you want the bills to be paid automatically. The amount deducted from your bank account can be set to your statement balance, the minimum due payment, or a selected amount. Minimum payment is usually 1-2% of your due amount or just the interest charges for the month. When you choose to make a minimum payment, you may still be charged with extra interest on the remaining amount. So, this option is usually not recommended for you.

Follow these instructions to set up MySynchrony Autopay:

  • Visit the home page of the company
  • Select the ‘Auto Pay – Off’ link that you will find below ‘Make Payment’ button
  • Select Enroll in the Autopay button
  • Choose your payment amount and mode of payment
  • Click on ‘Agree’ to accept the terms and conditions
  • Hit Submit button, after which you will be directed to a confirmation screen. You can see your Autopay settings and confirmation ID. You will also receive a confirmation email

If Customers can encounter any issues accessing pay bills then you can also send checks and money orders drawn on different US financial institutions, Walmart, Western Union and others. For private label cards, you can mail your checks and money orders to Synchrony Bank, PO Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. For Visa or MasterCard, you can send your payment to Synchrony Bank, P.O. Box 960013, Orlando, FL 32896-0013. Do not forget to mention your CA number and bill date on the back of your checks or money order.

MySynchrony Care Credit Mobile App

Whenever you are on the go and have to take care of your bill payment, you can do so with the ease of the mysynchrony care credit mobile app. This can be downloaded directly from the website and all you need to do is use your GoGeCapital login information one-time. You can use this app to receive paperless statements, online account information and management tips, as well as, all the information on your monthly MySynchrony bill statement.

Pay my care credit

Know about GE Capital Car Care One

Go GE Capital offers Car Care One facility through which it offers a comprehensive coverage for automobile repairs and maintenance. They provide you a card which you can use at more than 25,000 auto service centers and gas stations across the US, including Texaco, Mobil, Chevron, and Exxon. You can get your car repaired with this card, and then pay it off afterward. Customers can avail this card by visiting any of the GE capital stores or request one online or over the phone.

Pay my care credit is the official website of CareCredit, where you can do online bill payment. Here important things are mentioned related to your account and your CareCredit bill payment. Your every transaction is subject to credit approval, means you have enough credit to make the transaction.

CareCredit is a personal line of credit for healthcare treatment; it works like a credit card. It is used for only healthcare services with No Interest financing every time while using. Just you have to pay minimum payment monthly for pay off the entire payment by the end of your promotional period. If you require more time to pay for your procedure, then you can take the benefit of their extended payment plans with low and fixed interest rates.

CareCredit makes simple to get the treatments and procedures. They make easy to get information, answers and support from your account to help you.

  • You can choose from over 100,000 providers nationwide – use the find a provider tool to find one near you.
  • You can use CareCredit again and again* – for you or any member of your family, including your pets.
  • You can rely on CareCredit for No interest Financing – it is guaranteed every time you use your account. (If paid within promo period, Minimum monthly payments required.)

On this page, see the demo of statement. It makes easy to view up-to-date details about your account. See all described activity and current balance of your account. You are given special announcements and promotions by it.

Paperless Statements: CareCredit bill at your convenience is paperless way to view.

  • Save time and see your bill as soon as it’s ready: Each month, you will receive an e-mail notification when your statement is ready to view.
  • Receive an electronic version of your monthly statement: It is just as detailed and as easy to read as the paper one you may be used to.
  • Reduce the possibility of identity fraud: If you do not have a paper statement, then you won’t need to keep track of it or worry that it could found in your trash.
  • Cut down on clutter and save some stress while you are at it: Having less paper around is better for you and it is better for the environment, too.

Online bill payment is very quick, easy and accessible, anywhere and 24/7.

Save time and money: You won’t need to buy stamps or spend time writing checks.

Make and schedule payments: You won’t have to worry about getting to a mailbox and you can help avoid late or missed payments.

Enjoy peace of mind: You can pay your bill online securely and best of all – it’s FREE.

To access your account or make a payment online:

Visit and enroll with GE Online Services. While managing your account online, you can:

  • View your account summary
  • Make a payment online
  • View your transaction history

Care Credit Login, Bill Payment & Customer Support Information

Learn about how to login, bill payment options, how to set up Auto Pay, how to cancel account and other helpful tools for your Care Credit account.

You can login to Care Credit online account by visiting this link and access all the features. Make sure you have an account already with them. Launch your Web browser and navigate to Care Credit's Login page (see below).

If you do not have an account, create an account. You will need to enter your email id, phone number and some personal data to verify your information.

It offers online bill payment facility to all its users and provides several different methods to pay bills. You can pay your bill online at Care Credit's website, mail your payment to the processing center, or pay your bill in person at any authorized location. It also provides you with the option to set up automatic bill payments online and make alternative payment arrangements. You can also cancel account and contact customer support online.

Here’s the info you need to make your payment in any way you choose:

Online: Log in to your account and pay online at

By mail: You can mail your check to Po Box 960061 Orlando, Fl 32896. Before sending the payment you should call the customer service number 866-893-7864 for reconfirmation.

By phone: Use the automated system to make a payment. The phone number is 866-893-7864.

In Person: Pay at any of the nationwide customer service centers.

Synchrony Financial (formerly GE CareCredit)

Pay my care credit

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Pay my care credit

When I signed on for a $5000 loan to pay for my daughter's emergency dental work, I was not told that the interest rate of 26.5% would be based on the original loan amount, not on the balance that was due at the end of the promotional period. My balance for December is over $1000 more than the November one, and the minimum payment is $100 more.

Pay my care credit

I hate this company to the bottom of my heart. The company doesn't care about anything except for their money. I had an issue with my check not being cleared and it took them almost 2 weeks to write me through the mail to tell me that my payment was not posted to my account. Then had the audacity to say that I'm supposed to know what's going on with my check when clearly if I'm late or behind a payment they call me every second every minute every day until they get the payment but they won't call me to let me know that my check didn't clear. Mind you I paid my due balance on the 20th and they didn't tell me the check didn't clear until I found the letter in the mail until December the 7th and it was dated November the 28th and I sent my payment on the 20th of November. That's crazy. Then when you're trying to explain what's going on and how you see things should be handled they want to have an attitude with you about your money - that's crazy. I totally hate this company. If you or anyone is thinking about being with this company I suggest you think about it long and hard.

Pay my care credit

Care Credit by Synchrony Bank took me off my debt management plan because I was one payment late. I was paying them $23.00 a month at 7% interest on the plan. A employee that works there took me off the plan because she was going by the Care Credit statements and not the Clear Point statements. You're allowed to be one payment behind on your DMP and Synchrony Bank never sent me a warning letter saying to get my payment up to date or they will take me off my plan. I also have two other accounts with Synchrony Bank and they never took me off my plan when I was late. That is how I know it was a Care Credit employee that removed me from my plan.

Now Care Credit is charging me a 28% interest rate because they didn't train her. I wrote Care Credit and explained everything to them and they seem not to care. Now I have to let that account go into collection just because the balance went from $400 balance to a now over a thousand a few months later. I will not be taken advantage of. Do not get a Care Credit card.

Pay my care credit

I used CareCredit for orthodontic treatment (Invisalign) totaling almost $4,500. This was a huge investment for me and CareCredit was a good idea because I did not have to pay interest for 2 years. However, my orthodontist took off my Invisalign before my treatment was complete even with my disagreement. I received a second opinion to verify that I still needed treatment, and I did. I contacted CareCredit, explained my situation and requested a dispute to initiate a refund so I could finish treatment. I pursued this because I am fully aware of credit laws protecting consumers against poor business practices. In my case, I paid for services that were not rendered. Unfortunately, CareCredit sided with the provider and closed the case. Be aware that with this Credit Card if something goes wrong they will likely side with the provider. You will be responsible for these charges regardless of the circumstance. I should also state that I have great credit and paid all of my bills on time.

Pay my care credit

I received a proposed Detailed Treatment Plan from my dentist totaling $11114.53 minus $1657.20 for a total of $9457.33. Care Credit charge was $5000 and other arrangements were made to pay the balance. The Treatment plan listed 30 items. I failed to notice that I was charged $449.53 (about 9%) for a Care Credit Processing fee. The Care Credit agreement plan type checked is No Interest if Paid in full within Promotional Period but does not mention the processing fee anywhere. Is this legal? I checked the Care Credit reviews and no one else mentioned this issue.

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Pay my care credit

I applied for and used this credit card for a large vet bill we incurred for one of our cats. I kept meticulous track of my balances, both promotional and 'standard' or non-promotional, as well as the due dates for each, and I made all appropriate payments early or on time. But whenever I made a payment I had to call them to tell them how to RE-apply it (since it automatically gets applied a certain way), and they never fail to mess it up again and again. Even when I ask for a supervisor, and they claim to understand EXACTLY how I want it applied and EXACTLY what my balances should look like after all is said and done, they mess it up!

I have actually called and asked for the main overall supervisor, and they tell me there is no such thing as someone who supervises the supervisors! Great. The frustration is NOT worth the interest you are saving and I plan on avoiding using this card at all costs in the future! I would recommend that everyone else does the same. It is definitely a trap for the desperate/less informed/less educated, but even for someone who is intelligent and informed, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of them!

Pay my care credit

Last winter I applied for CareCredit and was approved pretty much instantly for my $3,500 request. I set it up for the interest free 12 month payment period. I missed one payment by one day and my fee was $25- a bit steep but it was my fault for missing it. Other than that there have been no troubles. I've heard some horror stories about surprise bills when people thought everything was paid off, so I'll update my review if anything like that happens. I owe $400 and have until March. I'm having another procedure done in January and considering the troubles others have had, I may just pay the $400 off this month since I don't want to risk anything by having two procedures on my card at once. Also, if you go online and create an account you can keep up with everything including your balance, payment due dates etc.

Pay my care credit

In July 2014 I found a great dentist and just an equally staff. I decided to have some dental work done. The fist visit was a consultation and the Doctor explained each and everything had to be done. I do not have dental insurance and the Doctor told me it would be almost $7,000 and I could not pay that in 1 sum. One billing lady did an application for CareCredit, former GE Capital - they approved it. About a week later I started the procedure - 6 implants, remove 2 teeth. Unfortunately 2 of the screw fell off and 1 was loose and an infection, also I was given antibiotics and pain killer. Wait a weeks or so, again did not work. On or about 1 month ago I started receiving calls form GE CareCredit, tell me I owed them the bill. Well I explained to the lady my treatment was not finish. Make it short now, the Dentist has to start all over again, the interest keeps accumulating. I cannot pay for some is not done, I have no front teeth left. The Doctor is not the blame, just GE Capital keep telling me my procedure was completed in August 4, 2014.

Pay my care credit

I used Care Credit when the Dentist office recommended them to me. I did not need credit but had my Dentist office recommend it as they told me I could apply for an FSA and use my FSA to pay Care Credit. It was a total lie. They do not accept FSA and now I am stuck with over $1500 wasted that I put into my FSA and now I have to pay Care Credit. When I complained to Care Credit they told me it was not their issue. These guys suck.

Pay my care credit

Recent phone call resulted in zero help. I was refused access to being able to speak to a supervisor. The account was mishandled from the beginning. I would not recommend Care Credit under any circumstance. They are completely unprofessional.

Pay my care credit

I was working full time waiting to start school. I had a care credit card through GE and was making payments on time as scheduled. I was called to nursing school and anyone who knows the medical field knows that you go when your name is up. I had to quit my job and eventually fell behind on payments, 90 days to be exact. In August of 2014 I started a part time job working at a local hospital, I was still attending school but wanted to make right on my accounts. I set up payments of $57.00 every two weeks. That's $114 per a month, they said my past due balance was over 200 dollars and when I called to try and save some money on the fees and see if they would work with me they refused. They are still charging me $35.00 a month late fee even though I have began paying on this. These people are rude and unwilling to work with you at all. ALL my other cards have been more than helpful, stopping all the fees as long as I was paying the agreed amounts that we worked out. DO NOT EVER USE THEM!!

Pay my care credit

On July, 2012, I had eye surgery and applied care credit for $9,000. At the time, the hospital social worker told me that I can pay my loans up to 24 month without interest rate. So, I set up the automatic payment for $350/mo. and planned to pay up any remaining balance after 24 month period. During all these time, I had no chance to follow up my balance because I had many medical complications since my surgery. Today, I rechecked my balance online and saw there was still $4500 of balance remaining!! Just by simple math, this was something wrong because if they taken out $350 from my checking account since July, 2012, I would have been paying more than $14,000. When I called the care credit, they are telling me that at the time when my 24 month free interest period was over in August, 2013, my balance was $1,065 and they charged all the interest for 24 month period for 26.8% rate. Top of that, they were continued to charge interest on top of interest.

When I asked them to reverse the the over charges they took out from my account, they told me that they cannot because this was on their contract!! They told me I must pay all balances including the interest! This was worse than SCAM!! I already overpaid more than $5,000 for my original $9,000 loan and they still continue to collect from my account! PLEASE, PLEASE, do not use this bank to obtain loan!! It is better off you use your credit card or other source of loan.

Pay my care credit

I just spoke with a manager of this company and she was so rude. They closed my account due to inactivity. I have been healthy over the past year and so I haven't used it. I just cracked a tooth and needed to use it and received a letter that my account was closed due to inactivity. When I called to ask why, they said that I would have to reapply. Also, now on my credit report it is stated that it was closed by them. usually not a good sign. Besides their APR is astronomically high!

Pay my care credit

I applied for lazik being done on both eyes. Care credit only paid for One. That was $1900.00. I have been paying $140.00 for 16 months and my new balance is $1448.63? What gives? And I have been diagnosed as permanently disabled. I don't like talking on the phone about my condition. No email address given to discuss.

Pay my care credit

At the end of their FREE interest period, if you haven't paid them off they charge you back to the initial service! I had dental work and suddenly received a bill added to my balance of over $1,000 INTEREST!! How can this be legal? They do not explain this if you apply for their card. Now their int. rate is 26.9% because the whole balance was not paid off!

Pay my care credit

I'd steer clear of Care Credit - initially obtained card for veterinarian and the eye doctor visits. After only few months, veterinarian stopped taking the cards due to the customer being charged interest, and them (business owner) charged the same interest when collecting payment (double dipping??). Called Synchrony Bank today to inquire why and how they could legally do that, and got a sarcastic rep explaining due to me being a customer she could not go into detail about the provider side.

I said, “I don't expect you to, but why are you charging them my interest when you already collect it from me?” She stated, “So what can I do for you?” I just told her to forget it and when I pay off my 173.27 balance, I’m closing the account with them. I have a strong feeling that other businesses here will stop taking the cards for this same reason. The lady wasn't extremely rude, but very borderline and would not answer my question - seemed like she did not have the knowledge to answer a phone, much less resolve an issue.

Pay my care credit

Had my CareCredit card paid off except for 75.00. I went to use it for medical reasons and was told that it had been cancelled. I called GE Capital and they told me that I had not paid on another GE Capital card which was Ashley Furniture, which was actually my husband's not mine. My husband took out the card, added me to the account and committed suicide - after taking out the card getting credit and furniture. I paid on it a year and a half very well then I am anymore. They raise the payment in the interest - added interest to it. So they cancelled my CareCredit and Chevron although they were paid on time and low balances. They still cancelled and because of the dispute on the GE Ashley credit card, they tell you to call in and they will help you. They do not. They send you further in the hall.

They sent me to collections over 12 payments and then added 25, 35 fee. They were rude and threatening. I tried to explain and Ashley Furniture knew my husband committed suicide. The salesman and Accounting Office in no way was any indication he have mental problems, but they have settled me with what he did. There has been no resources, no programs that help us pass that slept like this, and he deceive me and betrayed me. He went and got a brand new Lexus for 800 a month and a half in voluntary repossession. I did everything I could to water in the despair and depression and difficulties - experienced the humiliation and disgrace. He committed suicide the morning after our wedding reception, except he has eloped and obviously didn't get permission from them - and they were grown in twenties with their mates. GE Capital and Ashley Furniture is a horrible company - both of them.

Pay my care credit

My complaint with GE Capital/Care Credit is the way they apply my payments. I used my Care Credit to pay a $2,000 doctor bill. The plan was no interest if I paid in full within so many months, and they set payment amount which I agreed to. A few months later I used the card again, but this transaction would have interest charged, which I agreed to. What they did was apply all my payments from that day forward to the second transaction which being charged interest. Which in turn caused the first transaction to be stretched past the 'no interest' period, so then they charged me all the interest on the original transaction, which I did not agree to, nor was even notified that was their practice! When I called they basically said "oh well, that's our policy" and I should have specified where I wanted the payment to be applied. Now I'm paying interest on top of interest and may NEVER get this card paid off.

Pay my care credit

I Am One who was Very Pleased with GE Care Credit. I have used them for approx 4 years for two different reasons. First for Animal Care and then for Dental Care. I saved over $1500.00 in interest charges by using Care Credit. I Read All the Info and Asked Questions on things I did not understand. I Paid my Minimum Payment Before the due date and I paid More than Minimum Due on the acct for that statement. I watched my statement each month to make sure I will be paying off the amount due before the promotional period was up.

At the end I was watching my statement more closely to make sure it was to paid off so I wouldn't End up paying the interest. Care Credit Listed In RED That My Promotional Period was Ending Soon and to make sure it was paid so I would avoid Paying Interest on my account. You need to watch your statement and pay more than the minimum due each month to make sure it is paid. If you don't pay more, then yes you will end up paying a higher interest rate more than normal.

This card is for those who know they can pay more than the minimum payment because you want to avoid the high Interest All credit cards charge. I am sorry I keep repeating the same info over and over BUT You just need to read all the fine print. Yes, many of us just skim through the long paragraphs before we select the accept button and continue to fill out the form. You need TO Read All The Info provided All The Way Through and ASK Questions. Again I Saved Over $1500.00 in Interest by using my Care Credit Card. Thank you.

Pay my care credit

They're not to be trusted. Once you sign that contract, you are bound by that contract whether you obtained the services rendered or not. You will still have to pay and be harassed until they get every dollar out of your bank account. They don't care whether you obtained the services rendered or not. They don't care if you were happy with the services rendered by your doctor or not. Or if you are in a dispute with the provider. All they care about is getting that money. They destroy your good credit status. You didn't get the product or the services in which you signed your life away to.

You are now unable to go any place else to seek another service provider. Because they destroyed your credit status. And now you can't seek services any place else. But they don't care you signed on the dotted line, they don't give a ** if you obtained services or obtained your product. They want their money and it's not their money. Because you never received the product, nor did you obtain the services to which you are now so in debt with. But they don't care, they want that almighty dollar at whatever cost. Even if they didn't work for it themselves.

Pay my care credit

In a rush to get some much needed dental work done, I agreed with the staff lady at my dentist that CareCredit was the way to go. The agreement I made was to pay 66 dollars a month for 18 months. If I paid on time (which I DID), it would be paid without any interest charge. Silly me I always wondered how CareCredit made any $$$. Apparently the terms of the 18-month deal were not clear. As a result, I now owe 526 additional. The 66 dollars that I have been paying was not enough according to some additional terms still not clear to me. I will now have to hustle up the 526 unless I want to pay 27%.

Pay my care credit

The interest rate on my CareCredit card is 26.99%. I pay over my monthly payment every month and have still paid over 800 dollars in fees this year alone. I called the company and requested the rate be lowered and they refused stating all customers have the same rate and promotions. I do not utilize their "promotions" and can't imagine they'd be worth anywhere near what I'm paying in interest. I will pay off my card, cancel it and never use their company again. They've lost a lifetime customer due to company greed.

Pay my care credit

Just received bill today. Not GE anymore but Synchrony Financial. Plus old balance was $3,700. Synchrony Financial just added $1,113. onto total. Now the bill is just like I haven't paid anything. When did Synchrony take over GE. This should be illegal. It used to be called usury when companies charged outrageous interest. $1,113 on a $3,700 balance is 37%. That is outrageous and illegal. We should all band together and pay off these vultures and close our accounts and tell others however and whenever we can to NOT sign up for this usurious company.

Pay my care credit

My doctor advised me to use "care" credit for lasik eye surgery a couple years ago. This credit card company will not hesitate to charge you interest after the "promotion" is up. They charged me $700 in one month from the previous "free" months. I do not understand how 26.99% is considered caring! The minimum payment is for $70 but they are charging me $50-60 in interest a month! Who in their right mind would use a card like this unless they got tricked into it. I receive no notice or anything in the mail, it took me way too long to realize they were ripping me off. I was under the assumption they cared about me and my doctor knew what was going on. Not the case. I have two other credit cards with less than half the interest of this one. Do not use this credit card. Not to mention their calling hours are a tiny window w-f, with no option to email them. They are very hard to get a hold of. I called to see about getting the interest waived but there is nothing they can do, they charged me 1.2k on a 3k surgery, how is that okay!?

Pay my care credit

Care Credit said there was a promotional period where I would pay for interest and eventually have no more interest on my balance. This info was inaccurate as it is the complete opposite. The promotional period is when there is no interest and then you pay for it after that period. Not happy that they said one thing on the phone and did another.

Pay my care credit

My husband was in motorcycle accident and need surgery to repair bones broken in his foot. At the time of he did not insurance, so my father cosigned to get him the surgery. We made payments but noticed balance stayed the same. Now, they are threatening my father that they are going to sue him.

Pay my care credit

Because CareCredit has established itself in just about every veterinary practice, veterinarians will no longer accept payment arrangements for even life-saving care. Instead they tell you to apply for CareCredit. But CareCredit does not approve every applicant-- nor always give a credit line high enough to cover every need. I've had my card for 9 months and proven myself to be someone who pays their debts on time. But when I called and asked for a credit limit increase to cover the emergency operation my cat needed, they refused to give me enough to cover it. I told them my cat would die without the operation but they didn't care. The total I needed from them was another $1600 added to my current credit limit of $1700-- less than $400 of which I'd even used yet. I begged and begged but all they said was "sorry". Yeah, sorry! Now my poor cat is dead. I hate them.

Pay my care credit

I have made 4 calls to get my information in the system corrected and they keep telling me to call back - they have not had enough time to process. If you can't give better service to maintain account information why are you a credit card company.

Pay my care credit

My wife and I decided to apply for a care credit card for in case one of us wanted elective surgery or one of our pets were hurt and needed immediate help and we didn't have the funds. It could come in handy. Well we used it and within 4 months we called to get a pay off amount so we could send the money to pay the account off to a zero balance. We were told the amount and we sent it in. A month later we received a bill for the interest for the few days that it took for the money to get to them. Really. I called them and raised cain. They said that is the interest by the day and I got billed $12.67 for the three days it took to get the payment to them. Then of course they didn't send the bill till the following month. So there you have another 27 days of interest at 24.99% for the $12.67. When I got off the phone I got my satisfaction and they took off all the charges and my bill was zeroed out. Needless to say we well never use this account again and the card was shredded.

Pay my care credit

This card is very deceptive. I initially applied because one of my dogs was very sick and needed treatment. Care Credit was the only way I could afford it. This place has financially raped me. They advertise no interest for specified time but if you are late on a payment (even by a minute) that no longer applies and interest is applied to the whole balance. The interest rate is laughable. I do not see how this company can provide an option for payment to those in need. I also noticed some account security charge on my account each month. When I called them they said it was something to help pay off the balance if I lost my job or became unable to pay. I told them I did not want this on the card and was told I had to give them permission to be enrolled in the 'program'. I would of never of given them permission for this because it is an obvious scam. Look at their history of class action lawsuits. They are changing their name to Synchrony Bank. I have to wonder if this name change is due to the negative name and they have made for themselves and the history of lawsuits. Pathetic company. A high-interest regular credit card still would have a lower interest rate. I urge you. do not apply for this card.

Synchrony Financial (formerly GE CareCredit) Company Profile