My victorias secret card

12 November 2017


my victorias secret card

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Music video by BANKS performing Waiting Game. (C) 2013 Harvest Records.

I just wanted to review Victoria's Secret Angel Card credit card, and share my experience with you all. Recently, more and more retailers are offering credit cards, .

the final of the 2005 victoria's secret fashion show with heidi Klum and Tyra Banks.

Other Angelsni included Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, Lindsay Frimodt,, Michelle Alves, Heidi Klum, Alessandra .

[1080p] Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006) HD.

Tyra Banks Victoria's Secrets 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2005.

For all of us who love to see Tyra shaking her thing on the runway. Here is just the small segment in which she goes flamenco style. Dayum! 😉

Heidi Klum talks about her dance party kitchen, the reunion of "Teidi and Hyra" on Season 12 of America's Got Talent and a skilled chicken who plays a patriotic .

Direitos Reservados à CBS & Victoria's Secret Segmentos: 1. SEXY SANTA HELPERS (Music: Bodyrockers: I Like The Way/Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Ballet, .

Victoria's Secret 2012: Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat/ As long as you love me LIVE/HD Beauty and a Beat: 3:45 I do not own anything.

Top 11 Fiercest Walks in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show's History Years 2003-2008.

Victoria's Secret Rewards Card – Up to $500

October 13, 2015 by gimmie

My victorias secret card

Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card – Up to $500

There are TWO ways to get your FREE Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card valued at $10, $50, $100 or $500!! They’re worth at least $10 each! You can’t lose!

Who doesn’t want a Free Victorias Secret gift card! Awesome, right?!

Entrants are limited to one (1) Secret Reward Card per person/household/email address per day, regardless of method of entry. That means you can request a card every single day! Be sure to mail your requests separately each day (not all together) or you will only get one card!


1. Spend $10+ at Victoria’s Secret online or in-store during eligible timeframe, and get a Free Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card worth $10, $50, $100 or $500!! That’s like getting $10 Free Victoria’s Secret (you can get MORE than $10, but you’re guaranteed $10)!

2. Or, get a FREE VS Rewards Card with NO purchase required! Here’s how to get your FREE Rewards Card without making a purchase!

  • Angel Card Cardholders:hand write your full name, address, valid email address, and date of birth on a on a 4” x 6” piece of paper, and mail it in a sealed #10 envelope with proper postage to Promotions Team, c/o The Marketing Arm, 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 1800, Dallas, TX 75201.

Deadline Dates for Angel Cardholders: Between Oct. 13 – Oct. 26, 2015. Must be postmarked by October 26, 2015, and received by November 3, 2015 in order to be eligible to receive a Secret Reward Card.

  • PINK Nation Members may enter by mail without making a purchase by following the Mail in Entry process described above.

    Deadline for Pink Nation: Between Oct. 15 – Oct 26, 2015. Mail-in Entries must be postmarked by October 26, 2015, and received by November 3, 2015 in order to be eligible.

  • All eligible entrants who are residents of the US, PR and Canada may enter by mail without making a purchase by following the Mail in Entry process described above.

    Deadline for everyone else: Between Oct. 27 – Nov. 30, 2015. Mail-in Entries must be postmarked by November 30, 2015, and received by December 8, 2015 in order to be eligible.

  • You’ll receive your Secret Reward Card via email within 15 business days from the time your request is received.

    Victoria's Secret Returns and Refunds

    I have lost weight now my bra doesn't fit I have worn it a couple times as I have three I alternate between besides sport bras it's still in excellent shape very well taken care of and washed properly I do still have the receipt in two days it will have been 90 days.. can I exchange it for a smaller size or not sunxenir has been worn? Thanks!

    bought 7 items from VS on 15.6 i returned 2 of them within 10 min as i was charged full price and today is 24.6 and still didn't get my money back! on my bank statement clearly shows money was taken out on 20.6 full amount. how much longer do i have to wait for my money back?

    I'm replying to the comment of returning the free gift. I was in the store today at Eastchase Montgomery Alabama returning some bralettes that were too small. The minute I entered the store with my small return bag the manager stared at the bags and stared at me they obviously don't like returns. After I completed the return the same manager came up to me before I left the store and alerted me that when I return items that the free gift has to be returned that they have had way too many people buying things just to get the free gift and then returning those things. She went on to say they have been having way too many people trying to return things and keep the free gift. If this is the case then they need to post a sign of felt like they singled me out and embarrass me in front of the rest of the customers. I agree that seems only fair that you return the free gift also.

    Online returns at the stores have not been a problem. I'm 67 so I have purchased at least a limited number of times from VS. an exquisite set I bought partial pieces for and went back several times and never saw offered again. years passed. sets of lined bras I felt like Dolly in and panties with lace bands that didn't stay up. still in the drawer. one set worn once. of the others, the red worn a few Valentines days. This spring collection . I received an ad . was SO exciting I cashed in a $5,000 401K to keep my credit card down. The colors have names like Cozumel Teal, Lacquer Pink. (Cozumel is in Mexico. The water is that color. The Lacquer Pink reminds me of a dated pink color of 40s, 50s pink plastics etc. The colors themselves are as special as the names given to them.) So I bought a lot. Inexperienced (at Express I take a medium. In the VS laced-up bralette it took an XL to get it over my shoulders. it doesn't lace up. you slip it on) there were returns. There were no problems with online returns instore except for the occasional associate (Nashaminy Mall). When I had my collection just about finished I saw patterns, pieces that didn't work. Yesterday I attempted to return five lace-waist panties (I accidentally bought in my excitement I guess) Bought after March 1. not 90 days. tags still on. Did I know I could make seven returns and no more than $250 total? Well, not when I returned a mini bustier I planned to wear with an extender that showed up online in my size or four returns of $11.66 each. I had tossed my early receipts so I asked they do a lookup using my credit card. I KNOW it was used for every purchase. She found two panties of the fuve on my card. Then she said she'd put the others in as "no receipt." She quoted the prices to be refunded. They were the prices I paid, not lower. After which the system printef two refusals and I was handed back the panties. I spent over $8,000 since March 1. $1,000 or up to $2,000 of that in the store. It helps to be looking at this fabulous collection. Maybe that's why I can see the humor in it. Not be able to return five $11.66 panties? Not really a problem. Buy instore? Not likely.

    I also have the same issue with all of the underwear!

    After a month of wear the under bone began to poke through, they refused to exchange it, as it had been worn and I did not have the receipt.

    I had something I want to return but can't find my receipt. can they look up my account since I have an angel card? Use that as proof of purchase?

    I work for Victoria's Secret. Regarding our return policy, yes, we do require ID. Even if you have a receipt. The receipt only exists so that you get back the amount you paid with, and so that you don't have to get merchandise credit back.

    Our store runs through a system called The Retail Equation. If you have returned an item using your ID before, you can actually go onto their website and look at your returns there.

    The machine just validates your identification to protect us from return fraud and return abuse. Anybody can pick up an item in our store and try to return it otherwise: before this system, we were loosing millions of dollars per year due to return fraud and abuse.

    No store anticipates you returning an item after buying it. We don't need to ID you when you are making a purchase: business requires profit to function.

    I don't think many of you understand that when we have to give you back money, then yes, you do owe us information and reasoning. Not only does it protect us but it also allows us to better ourselves for our consumers.

    You usually will not be asked for ID if you originally paid with an Angel/PinkAngel Card or if you are returning an online order, as with either way your information is already in the system and we would not need it.

    Please go onto the Retail Equations website to read their policies.

    It's absolutely infuriating when parents can't wrap their heads around why return policies exist.

    my victorias secret card

    My victorias secret card

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    Victoria's Secret Pink Campus Backpack New Style 2014

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    Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce

    Victoria's Secret The Ultimate Maximum Support Sport Bra

    Victoria's Secret 2012 Supermodel Limited Edition Umbrella Black White Pink

    Victoria's Secret Keychain Coin Purse Pink & White Stripes Wallet NWT

    Love Pink Vs Wallpaper Victoria Secret for Iphone and Samsung Galaxy Case (iphone 5c white)

    Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Now (2014 version) fragrance mist spray 8.4 oz

    My victorias secret card

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    Victoria’s Secret is Giving Away Rewards Cards Worth $10 to $500!

    If you love Victoria’s Secret lingerie or swimsuits, listen up — this one’s hot off the presses!

    For the first time in 2016, Victoria’s Secret is offering its Secret Rewards promotion, which means free gift cards for you. (Thanks to Free Stuff Finder for the tip.)

    All you need is an index card, two stamps and two envelopes to get a surprise Secret Rewards card worth a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500.

    Since I’m eyeing a new swimsuit for the summer, I’m definitely going to try my luck and mail in a few entries.

    You, too? Here are the deets…

    How to Get a Free $10 (or Much More!) to Victoria’s Secret

    The promotion has three different start dates, depending on your level of Victoria’s Secret loyalty.

    If you have an Angel Card, you can start sending in entries on February 12; PINK Nation members, February 21; and everyone else, February 25.

    To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States. (Click here for the official rules.)

    Once the promotion opens for you, here’s what to do:

    1. On a 4×6 index card (not 3×5!), handwrite your:

    2. Handwrite your address on an envelope, then put a stamp on it. (This is called a self-addressed stamped envelope, or SASE.)

    3. Insert your handwritten index card and SASE into a #10 envelope, then send it to:

    Secret Reward Promotion

    Dallas, TX 75313

    (Angel Early Access / PINK Nation / General Access Mail In Entry)

    Change the last line depending on when you send it in: Angel Early Access envelopes must be postmarked by February 24 and received by March 2, while PINK Nation envelopes must be postmarked by February 22 and received by February 29.

    General Access entries must be postmarked by March 28 and received by April 4.

    Be sure to follow instructions — such as the size of the envelopes and index cards — exactly, and make sure your handwriting is legible!

    You can submit one entry per name/household/email address per day. A few weeks after entering, you should receive a Secret Rewards card in the mail.

    Note you can only use one card per store visit or online transaction, so you can’t, for example, stack three $10 gift cards to get $30 off. You also can’t combine the card with any other discounts.

    Still, $10 off is $10 off — and with the Secret Rewards promotion, you have the potential to win a lot more than that!

    Your Turn: Do you love Victoria’s Secret?